Domoticz tutorial

Backup, please!

Most of the people start using backups when it’s too late. Domoticz has some built-in options, use them! You don’t want to lose historical data of your meters, lose that advanced smart scripts you use, or pair every device in your home again. Backup Domoticz!

Automatic backups

When the Automatic Backup feature is ticked the system will create a backup every hour in the Domoticz/backups/hourly/ folder, a daily backup in the Domoticz/backups/daily/ folder and a monthly backup in the Domoticz/backups/monthly/ folder. In that way, there will always be a recent copy of the Domoticz database available. To manually create or restore a backup of the database go to Setup > Settings > Backup/restore.

Besides the database, you can use third-party stuff like Dashticz or bash scripts. Be aware that they are outside Domoticz therefore not in the database backup.

So back up those things by yourself:

  • use text files with your installation procedure(for other things or scripts)
  • And Save the backups on another place then your Domoticz system.

Backup scripts

Check this tutorial for an advanced backup script that will backup more than only a database and transfers it to a separate device.