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Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets! We love them, but purely being a gadget is not enough to be loved. In the tech section, we post our gadget reviews and let you know our findings and judgement. It’s all about tech reviews!

Just to make it more clear we divided this section into: Audio, Gear, Life, Lightning, Home Appliances, Tools and Wearables. Probably this list grows further in the future. So whether it is a Bluetooth speaker, a light or a smartwatch: when we get our hands on it we put it to the test and tell you what we think. Don’t expect to finds things like diagrams with output frequencies or performance charts. We focus on overall user experience. That’s what we like, and we hope you like it too. Sound fair, doesn’t it?

If you have any ideas, comments on the review or have a product for us to review, please let us know. But remember: we will be strict but fair.

Domoticz Android Wear OS

New update for the Domoticz Android app and Wear OS

Domoticz Android App got an new update
Top Winter Sports gadgets

The Best Winter Sports Gadgets from China

Our tips for the best winter sports gadgets you can buy at a China online shop. You can buy skiing snowboarding gear at a much lower price.
Gadget-Freakz Outlook 2020

#2020 Gadgets and Home Automation

Gadgets and Home Automation in 2020. We are ready for it!
laser range finder

Xiaomi Duka LS-P Distance Meter Review

Measure with style with this Xiaomi Youpin laser distance meter. Another fancy gadget. and really small!
MH-Z19 Air Quality Sensor

Build your own DIY Air Quality Meter based on the MH-Z19...

Use the MH-Z19 Sensor to build your own DIY Air Quality Meter. Integrate this meter into Smart Home systems like Domoticz and Home Assistant.
Air Quality Measurement Featured Image

Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester for your Smart Home

If you want to measure your indoor air quality with an plug an play device: The Xiaomi Mijia Air quality tester can help you
oclean z1 featured image

Oclean Z1 Smart LED Light Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Review

The Oclean Z1 is a well equipped and Xiaomi powered smart electric toothbrush that has an app and is well featured. But is it any good?

Build your own Universal Zigbee logic sensor by modifying a Xiaomi...

Sometimes you want to integrate some of the old technology into a smart home environment, but there is not the right sensor...

Zigbee2MQTT 1.7: New minor version with new major features!

Zigbee2MQTT 1.7 is a new minor version with new major features
Xiaomi QiCycle- side view

QiCYCLE EF1 Smart Electric Bike from Xiaomi Mijia

Xiaomi Mijia QiCYCLE EF1 is a foldable e-bike that is road legal! Functional, small and well designed. It has a flashable board computer.
xiaomi portable mini shaver

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mini Shaver Review

Is the portable mini electric shaver better than the ones with rotating blades?
Features Image Domoticz Community Update

Domoticz Community Update October 2019

The currently most interesting developments from the Domoticz community. From the Domoticz Android App and Dashticz, to Tuya and Dockers.
Amazfit hanging in bush

Amazfit GTR 47mm Smart Watch after using it for three months

I've been using the Amazfit GTR for three months. Is the GPS still annoying and what about the Always on Display and new watch faces?