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In the Life section we articles about health, beauty and automated lifestyle related technology and gadgets. And how they will affect our lives one day or another.

We review the products we ordered because we want (or need) to use them. They are actual part of our life. The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors. These do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions from all contributors to the site. We try to be as objective as possible on each topic, but are opinions are based on our own experiences and worldviews. Our team consists of an equal amount of Apple and Android fanboys.

If you have any ideas, comments on the review or have a product for us to review, please let us know. But remember: we will be strict but fair.


Digoo DG-FT2303 Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

With this smart food temperature meter you can BBQ like a pro.

Digoo DG FT2203 Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

The Digoo DG FT2203 is a thermometer with Bluetooth and an app for optimal control on cooking on your BBQ from the comfort of your chair.

Yeelock Smart Lock from Xiaomi Youpin

The Yeelock Smart Lock is well working remote lock. Unlock by app, remains hidden and prevents toddlers from accessing drawers and cabinets.

Xiaomi Youpin ES3 3D Smart Razor

The ES3 3D Smart Razor is released by Xiaomi and Youpin.Provides a good shave, is IP67 waterproof and comes with a battery status indicator.
Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Sense Infrared Induction Water Saving – package

Xiaomi Zajia Automatic Sense Infrared Induction Water Saving Device Review

The Xiaomi Zajia is a water faucet extension that claims to improves hygiene and helps you save water. But how does it look and function?
Xiaomi Huohou Automatic Wine Bottle Opener 2

Xiaomi Huohou Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Kit Electric Corkscrew With Foil...

With the Xiaomi Automatic wine bottle opener kit you have a nice gadget, a perfect gift!
Xiaomi Umbrella unpacked

Xiaomi Umbrella 90 Fun Foldable

Xiaomi Umbrella against rain and sun.
Essential Oil Diffusor

Aroma Essential Oil Diffusor 130 ML review

Maybe every living room, sleeping room and even your working area should have an Essential Oil Diffuser . They improve humidy, make...
Xiaomi Soocare Soocas H3 Anion HairDryer full

Xiaomi SOOCAS H3S Negative Ions Professional Electric Hair Dryer Review

Quality of Xiaomi, looks of a Dyson. Is this worth your money?
electric razor for men

USB Beard Trimmer Review – You win some, you loose some

Ever since I've been growing out my facial hair for a bit I've been looking for a decent, affordable beard trimmer. So...
Xiaomi Mija shaver in hand

Xiaomi Mija Electric Shaver review

I bought this good-looking shaver. But does it do the job? Let's see if the Xiaomi Mija Electric Shaver is worth your money.
seven stages of Grief

Blog – The Death of the Headphone Jack: Seven Stages of...

Introduction Earbuds have been a staple for personal audio for a very long time, and that’s not a weird thing. They are simple, relatively small...
Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack

Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack review

Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack Is a backpack really a gadget? No, maybe not! But the Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack is made by Xiaomi and you...