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Everyone has home appliances, but we are only looking for the smartest ones for you smart home. Whether it is a robot vacuum or an electronic fly trap. We review them to show you how they function and what their ups and downs are. After that we determine if and how they enhance your life. We have a weakness for everything that saves us time doing household chores. And if it is smart and integrates into our smart home it is even better. So check out our smart home appliance reviews.

If you have any ideas, comments on the review or have a product for us to review, please let us know. But remember: we will be strict but fair.

digoo dg-xya video doorbell box front

Digoo SB-XYA Smart video doorbell review

I get a lot of packages but when I'm at work sometimes a postman delivers by neighbors and sometimes they do not....
Window Cleaning robot s60 in box

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning Robot

We reviewed the Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning robot. Find out if this products is worth your money. And what about the cleaning job?
Alfawise JD T8610 WiFi camera

Alfawise JD – T8610 IP Camera Bulb

Is it a camera? Is it a lamp? It is... a camera lamp?

An Electric Fly Trap that does not catch any fly

So why chase flies with a fly-swatter, when you can easily do this automatically. With that in mind, I bought the Electric Fly Trap.
set of 3 Brush Heads

Set of 3 Brush Heads for Electric Drills

Cleaning with power! Use this 3 brush heads and a electric drill and you are the man!
Alfawise Robot vacuum zk8077 above front

Alfawise ZK8077: a budget Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Blocker

When looking for a good budget robot vacuum, the Alfawise ZK8077 is a good option. It is good at performing its basic and scheduling functionality.
360 robot vacuum cleaning the corners

360 Vacuum Cleanser: A Xiaomi killer or rip-off?

The brand 360 launched their 360 robot vacuum cleaner, it can compete with other brands, but is it worth buying? A Xiaomi killer or rip-off?

USB Light-sensitive LED Mosquito Killer Lamp review

Is the USB Light-sensitive LED Mosquito Killer Lamp really worth your money? It is pet and child friendly but is that all?
Xiaomi robotic Vacuum Cleaner whole set

5PCS Mi Robot Vacuum Smart Cleaner Accessories review

Intro I earlier reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner itself and now it's time for the must-have Xiaomi vacuum 5 pieces accessories pack. Because the...