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The word Domotica stems from Latin. The first part comes from the word  ‘domos’, which stands for ‘Home’ and the last part ‘-tica’ indicates it is an applied science. Less scientific but much more practical terms you can use are ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation’.

This topic covers everything to make your home smarter. You can add new components that measure and control your home environment. Aspects that can be controlled can be as simple as the lights or the inside temperature. One can further automate this by building time-based or event-based routines to change the light or temperature.
Next to that, the existing networks like WiFi and LAN allow the components the components to communicate. Some components require different protocols for communication.

In the subsections you can find tutorials for the smart home software solutions Domoticz and Home Assistant specific, as well as a list of compatible products for Domoticz and Home Assistant. Next to that we interviewed some of the key figures out of the Smart Home communities.

Read our comparison between Domoticz and Home Assistant.

Domoticz tutorial database

Domoticz database

Domoticz saves everything in his own Domoticz database file. You only have to backup and keep it safe. On this page a few tips and tricks.

Build your own Universal Zigbee logic sensor by modifying a Xiaomi...

Sometimes you want to integrate some of the old technology into a smart home environment, but there is not the right sensor...
Domoticz tutorial

Domoticz Dashboard

The most used page of Domoticz is the Dashboard page. It's the landing page when you use Domoticz. The dashboard shows all the...
Domoticz app phone dashboard

New Domoticz Android Beta coming!

Stay tuned for a new Domoticz android app.
Air Quality Measurement Featured Image

Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester for your Smart Home

If you want to measure your indoor air quality with an plug an play device: The Xiaomi Mijia Air quality tester can help you
Mark Heinis Domoticz app developer

Interview with Mark Heinis (creator of Domoticz apps)

We start a series of interviews with some of the key figures of the Domoticz community. People that made contributions that make the difference...
Tutorial-install domoticz on a PI

Installing Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi

Install the latest Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi 3b in a few steps. It's fast and easy to make a Domoticz system of your Pi.
Garbage Collector domoticz script

Domoticz dzVents getGarbageDates script

This dzVents getGarbageDates script is for Dutch users. It informs you when the container will be emptied. But other users can use it as an example.
machinon domoticz home automation switches_x4

New Domoticz theme in town: Machinon

A great new theme for Domoticz named machinon. It's still a work in progress theme but it's looking fabulous, clean and fresh. Best theme 2018!
Domoticz compatible products

Domoticz Version 4.9700 (June 23th 2018) is released!

Domoticz gets a new stable release. Version 4.
Home-assistant logo

News: Logitech breaks Harmony connection to Home Assistant

And how to fix this Update 18-12: Logitech support has responded to the issue and ask for some...
Xiaomi Dafang 1080p Camera

Xiaomi dafang 1080P Smart Monitor Camera review

After a year of using the Xiaofang, it is time for another Xiaomi camera. Is the Xiaomi dafang 1080P...

Interview with Jimz011 (creator of HKI: Homekit Infused)

A lot of people are inspired with the Home Assistant theme from Jimmy. it is called HKI: Homekit Infused.